at Mitchell's Ice Cream in San Francisco

at Mitchell's Ice Cream in San Francisco

Hi, welcome to my blog!  My name is Christine and I’m currently a resident of the state of New Jersey, by way of New York, California, and Japan.  For the past dozen or so years, I’ve worn many hats, from software developer to English teacher to grad student in org psych to software developer, and while I’m still at a complete loss as to what my destined profession/career/job should/will be, one thing has remained constant, and that is my love of exploring and trying different foods wherever I go.  Ever since the advent of the digital camera, I’ve been pretty obsessed about documenting almost every morsel of food that enters my mouth or the mouths of my dining companions, and now that I have stockpiled thousands of photos scattered across almost half a dozen external hard drives, I decided it was time to put those photos to good use.

While I love tasting and photographing all kinds of foods, I’ve chosen ice cream and frozen desserts as the focus of this blog because they are sweetly comforting whether enjoyed alone or with friends, on a hot summer day or buried under blankets in front of the TV while it snows outside, or from an ice cream truck jingling its way through the neighborhood streets or at a gourmet gelateria nestled in an alleyway in Rome.  Plus, almost every place offers some version of the frozen treat, and almost everyone likes ice cream….

In any case, this platform will provide some structure for my continuing exploration and help me keep track of the places I’ve already experienced and enjoyed, and hopefully in that process you, the reader, will be inspired to go out and treat your taste buds to one good scoop.

If you’d like to drop me a line, please email me at christine [at] onegoodscoop [dot] com.